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25 Pelham Rd Suite 104

Salem, NH 03079

Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Londonderry Compounding Pharmacy

is an independently owned business specializing in medication which is tailor made specifically for you, your child, your pets needs or your patients need.

For Customer / Client

A compounded medication can be tailor made for your needs. Whether you need an allergy free medication or a medication no longer being manufactured, we will work with you and your physician / nurse practitioner / veterinarian to create the best medication for you.

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For Physicians

Our compounding professionals work with you to create a customized formulation, dosage or dosage form that meets the individual needs of your patient. Our facility also includes a sterile products suite for the preparation of sterile products like ophthalmic solutions, injectable and inhalation medications.

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Did you know...

We can compound your pets medication into treats? If they catch on to the fact that this "treat" has something in it, we have the capability of choosing another flavor and possible dosage form to keep him or her off guard.